Lettro Leather Care Kit with Pomade Cream

Cleaning your leather shoes is easy and affordable with the complete shoe cleaning kit from Lettro. The Lettro box contains everything you need to keep your smooth leather items in tip-top condition. Each item in the shoe care has been expertly formulated and crafted to clean, nourish, polish and protect smooth leather products, including leather boots, shoes, bags, belts and furniture.

The Shoe Care Set consists of:

2x Lettro Shoe Polish Applicator Brushes – Grey Bristles / Black Bristles

2x Lettro Polishing Brushes  – Grey Bristles / Black Bristles

1x Lettro Small Applicator Brush  – Grey Bristles

1x Lettro Mud Brush for cleaning  – Brown Bristles

1x Lettro Terry Cloth Microfibre

1x Lettro Smooth White Microfibre

2x Pomade Cream – 100 ml – Transparent / Black

1x Lettro Grease – 100 ml – Transparent

1x Lettro Soap – 100 ml



art. 176 0004