cleaning milk

Special milk for thorough cleaning of different types of leather: smooth, buffalo, antique, vintage and eco leather. It effectively removes even deepest stains.

How to use?

Apply a small amount of milk on a cotton cloth and wipe the dirty surface of the leather. It perfectly prepares leather surface for application of the caring and restoring lotion ‐ BALM RENEW. Before use always test on a conscious part of leather.

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200ml | art. 100 0005

Why use Lettro products?

Precious and beautiful things require special care. Lettro brand was brought to life in response to the expectations of those who value the beauty and naturalness of leather goods and appreciate the time needed for their care. Lettro products that will ensure easy and efficient care of leather items and protection from their premature wear. By using Lettro products, we can be sure that our favourite leather shoes, a couch or an armchair will remain young and beautiful in their appearance.