Precious and beautiful things require special care. Lettro products were created in response to expectations of those who appreciate the beauty and naturalness of leather goods and appreciate the time needed for their care. Natural leather should be treated with due care and attention. Lettro will take care of the appearance and protection of your leather. It will make it last for years.

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Leather footwear is prone to constant wear and tear in difficult and changing conditions. With lettro it can maintain its perfect look and serve for years. Highest quality care is provided with specially designed lettro products marked with this symbol.

Leather clothing must be systematically nurtured to keep its original softness and flexibility. Lettro products are extremely helpful in maintaining the cleanliness of leather coating. Lettro keeps your letter clothing in excellent condition, ensuring long life and perfect appearance.

Lettro products are excellent to care for leather goods. Bags, briefcases, wallets and various carrying cases require maintenance and protection against the ingress of moisture and dirt. Lettro products marked with this sign will make that happen.

Products marked with this symbol are suitable for saddlery, saddles and leather accessories used in the equestrian industry. They contain natural substances and are prepared from raw materials of the highest quality.

Products recommended for leather car upholstery. Applied systematically prevent leather from splitting and cracking and from penetration of moisture and dirt. They do not leave greasy marks and retain their properties in a wide temperature range.

Products designed to care for leather upholstery motorcycle parts, trunks, panniers and a variety of accessories made of genuine leather. Made to protect against atmospheric agents, improve leather condition and allow you to keep your precious leather goods in excellent quality and perfect appearance for a long time.

Leather furniture upholstery requires proper care in order to remain supple and delicate. It is necessary to nourish leather to prevent it from cracking and breaking and to protect it against moisture and dirt. Lettro products are based on high-quality natural raw materials, are safe, easy to apply and do not leave greasy marks.

discover the Lettro family

balm renew

enhances the colour
and nourishes smooth leather

cleaning milk

removes deep stains
and cleans smooth leather


moisturizes and protects
smooth leather

leather soap

cleans and moisturizes
smooth leather

lotion care

nourishes and moisturizes
smooth leather

multi protector

waterproofs and protects smooth leather, 
perfectly impregnates products made from suede,
nubuck and fabrics

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